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Free time and Tourism

The City of Stadtlohn is situated on the Berkeldale, surrounded by fields, grasslands and woods. Around one quarter of the municipal area are deciduous and coniferous forests, which are ideal for hiking. Especially in the “Bockwinkel”, where the “Hünenburg”, an old Germanic castle is located, and in the woodland of the “Lohner Bröke”. Beautiful hiking routes are signposted. You can go for a bicycle tour in the well extended lanes and “Pättkes”. Moreover train rides in the reversed engineered narrow-gauge railway called “Pängelanton” or rides on the twelve-seated tandem in the lovely surroundings of Stadtlohn are an experience.


An extraordinary attraction can be found in the recreation center at the Losbergpark, which offers plenty of possibilities for free time activities, because it is attached to the recreational facilities, such as lido, indoor swimming pool, sport stadiums, tennis courts, an indoor riding hall, an outdoor riding location and a sport shooting location.

In the park itself you can amuse yourself with miniature golf, boccia, roller-skating and skittles. An ample children’s playground is the centre of attraction for families.

The Losbergspieker is a location suitable for groups that come together for social hours.