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Economy and Employment Service Center

Since the beginning of the year 2006 the Service Centre for Economy and Employmentis in charge of every company in Stadtlohn.
Sie können sich mit allen Anliegen an Bernd Mesken wenden. Er wird als Lotse die Kontakte zur entsprechenden Mitarbeitern im Hause herstellen.

You can approach Mr. Bernd Mesken about every request. He will make contact with the appropriate member of staff in the house for you.

Besides being a middleman Mr. Mesken has the following responsibilities:
- Commercialization of business-properties
- Subsidies consultancy in collaboration with the WfG
- Cooperation with the workgroup for industrial days 2007

Contact data:
links Bürgermeister Helmut Könning und rechts Wirtschaftsreferent Bernd Mesken - Quelle: Münsterlandzeitung
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Bürgermeister Helmut Könning und Wirtschaftsreferent Bernd Mesken - Quelle: Münsterlandzeitung

Bernd Mesken
Service Centre for Economy and Employment
Markt 3
48703 Stadtlohn

Phone (049) 2563 87 - 230
Fax (049) 2563 87 - 9230
eMail: E-Mail versenden.
Internet: www.stadtlohn.de
Room 33, 2nd floor

Mr. Mesken is available at the usual business hours of municipality. Appointments beyond the business hours are possible at any time and on site.