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At this point you can find a listing of important emergency phone codes and links to important web pages respectively.

Hospital Maria-Hilf, Vredener Straße 58, 48403 Stadtlohn
Phone: 02563/912-0
Fax: 02563/912-212

New: Emergency fax for hearing impaired people
Emergency fax number: 02861/9809199

You can download a template of this fax here:

Unlike non hearing impaired people, hearing impaired, deaf and speech impaired people do have a problem with calling the coordinating offices of police, fire brigade or emergency medical services, because they wouldn’t be able to understand further enquiries of the coordinating offices. For all affected people the coordinating offices of the district of Borken, which receives the emergency calls for fire brigade or emergency medical services, established an emergency fax service.

On a form, developed by the German Deaf Association and the Branddirektion Frankfurt, hearing and speech impaired people can mark their emergency case with a cross, fill in their address and send their emergency call via fax machine.
The coordinating office of the district of Borken verifies the inbound by fax and sends the police, the fire brigade or the emergency medical service.